About us...

The Association of Friends of Latin America (AAL)is a group of Latin-American women based in Switzerland, or women strongly related with Latin America, that are looking to create long lasting friendship ties, spreading and sharing the Latin-American culture and raising funds to support social projects in countries of Latin America.


The AAL puts together, approximately once a month, a series of events that are proposed and approved in the General Assembly. The activities are of cultural, informative, sports-related, and integrational nature, and in all cases, everyone is destined to have a great time!
In some of these activities, family members and/or friends of members are also invited. Certain activities produce a benefit destined to the social work.
The first Thursday of every month takes place our coffee gathering, a privileged and fun moment in which the members that so desire get together to know each other better and share a pleasant moment. 


  • To promote co-fraternity between Latin-American women and women interested and linked to Latin-America.
  • To foster the social and cultural activities of its members.
  • To raise funds that will be destined to social work projects in Latin America.